KLOT Control Tower Project 2022


Control Tower opening December 29th, 2022!

There are many moving parts to the plan, but the new Tower Manager is now on site full time. Welcome Joseph Merrigold! Joe and his staff will be training and preparing to open on December 29th!!
As always, watch your NOTAMS.

KLOT Tower Radio frequency assignments:

Tower 134.80

Ground 120.425

ATIS/AWOS: 126.675
(815) 588-4802

Tower cab interior under construction almost done

Cab raising day! 3/9/22

KLOT 3 9 2022 Tower Cab Raising 4 video combined from JRPD on Vimeo.

Compilation of video footage from the cab pick day.
1 view from inside tower cab stairwell looking down, 1 view from the building shaft looking up,
1 exterior view, and some drone footage.