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Control Tower

The parking lot and road system paving is completed, landscaping to follow.

We do not have a projected date of opening. The project has recently been plagued with delays – we will pass along the opening date as soon as we have a realistic time frame. Currently the effort has been centered on a partial occupancy permit. The basic fire alarm systems and back up electrical systems need to be completed. In August, the radio installers can enter the building and install the electronics. There will be a period when the new AWOS will be installed and the old system will be replaced. During our outage, the (JOT) Joliet Park District data is at: 119.35 or 815 730-9560.

Once the safety systems have been approved and the radio installation is completed, the tower will have an FAA inspection. From that point the controller scheduling can be planned.

FYI KLOT Radio frequency assignments: Tower 134.80, Ground 120.425. ATIS/AWOS: In assignment progress will follow..

Aprons 200 & 300 Re-construction:
A labor wage dispute has crippled area construction projects. Once the strike is over it has been estimated that it will take an additional 2 weeks to catch up with gravel demand…. We hope that they reach an agreement soon and we’ll pass the information along.

T-Hangar units 209-215, 301-308 and 309-315 will get new pavement.

Check out the Control Tower Construction page for live images and updates

KLOT Control Tower Rendering 2021 from JRPD on Vimeo.

FICON REPORTS - The Airport will not provide MU readings directly to pilots. This is according to FAA AC 150/5200-30D. We don't agree with it, but have to live by it.

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