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Control Tower

The tower cab was picked up and placed on the tower shaft 3/9/2022!

The parking lot and road system paving is almost completed. Interior work is progressing. Electrical, painting, and code review issues.

Radios: AWOS have been ordered and will be installed at the end of this month and the first couple weeks of June. The AWOS will replace the currently finicky station first installed in 1997.

FYI KLOT Radio frequency assignments: Tower 134.80, Ground 120.425. ATIS/AWOS: In assignment progress will follow..

The airport thanks the Pritzker administration and IDOT Aeronautics for the handling and administration of this project. It has been difficult and time consuming and outside the normal.

Spring Airport Construction:
T-Hangar units 209-215, 301-308 and 309-315 will get new pavement this year!. This work is still going to happen. Since the contractor is digging into the sub soil, dry weather is ideal for the work to occur quickly.

Check out the Control Tower Construction page for live images and updates

KLOT Control Tower Rendering 2021 from JRPD on Vimeo.

FICON REPORTS - The Airport will not provide MU readings directly to pilots. This is according to FAA AC 150/5200-30D. We don't agree with it, but have to live by it.

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