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Construction 2017:

9-27 Runway Safety Area Improvements Has Started - Summer 2017
The approach end of 27 will get a major drainage improvement and dirt landscaping. All the building pads from the 60s and 70s will be removed. Included are the old Astroport areas in Hangar O and G areas. As part of the project, the old fuel farm will be removed and taxiway F will be relocated to the threshold line to meet all state and FAA design standards.

- 27 threshold will be moved west to "D"
- 9-27 will be 4,100 feet in length, lighted.
- NO REILs, NO PAPI's, VFR ONLY = 09 Localizer OTS. RNAV/VOR approaches cancelled.

Northside N1 and N2 taxiway rehabilitation:
Construction will start back up in July. The completion of this project will also require 27 to have closures.
Our north siders - N2 will be closed, all access will be via N1

Reconstruction of the aircraft apron between hangars 100 and 200 West will start up in August.
The replacement of the asphalt between hangars 100-200 (200 west facing doors only). Subsurface drainage improvements will be included to lengthen the pavement life. We will be contacting the affected aircraft owners about making temporary arrangements during pavement removal and installation period.

Are you interested in Automatic Check Payment?
We can now coordinate and accept an auto deduct from your checking for your storage fee. For more details contact 815 838 9497 extension 121.