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2020 Storage Leases
You will be receiving your annual storage agreement within a couple of weeks. It is very important that you sign them and return them to us no later than January 31, 2020. Please make sure that during your insurance renewal that a certificate of insurance is also forwarded to our office. Thank you.

Taxiway "B"
The contractor has requested to suspend the project for the winter months. They will complete and open the newly placed portion from "C" to "D" after the lights are installed and the asphalt ramp is placed. It is expected to be open by the end of November. The remainder of the project, the intersection of "D" and "E" will be reconstructed in the spring. The 50' width will make it a very nice improvement project.

Control Tower Update:
The construction plans are nearing the 70% point to be bid. The State of Illinois has not et provided a timeline for the funds. If all goes as "planned" the Port District would like to bid this project shortly after the first of the year. We cannot proceed without the grant funds from the State. We will keep you posted.

Saturday April 27th, 2019
Even though it was a less than ideal weather day, there was a Plane Pull benefit for Special Olympics Illinois. Thanks to all that attended and contributed!!!
Please check out their web site:2019 Plane Pull

FICON REPORTS - The Airport will not provide MU readings directly to pilots. This is according to FAA AC 150/5200-30D. We don't agree with it, but have to live by it.

Are you interested in Automatic Check Payment?
We can now coordinate and accept an auto deduct from your checking for your storage fee. For more details contact 815 838 9497 extension 121.