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Executive Terminal Restrooms makeover in progress!
The Executive Terminal restrooms are finished!

Taxiway "B" 50' wide 100% and Runway 9-27 temporary closures.

Taxiway "B" has been opened, however there will be temporary closures later for some landscaping work.

Runway 9-27 will be closed for takeoffs and landings when the contractor is working in close proximity to the runway. Check NOTAMS!!

Taxiway "E" between 9-27 and "B" has been removed, along with Taxiway "D" between "B" and the access taxiway.

Taxi lanes, R2 and R3 and Portion of R, Hangars 200 East, Hangar 300 East and West
Apologies to the people located in the concerned hangars!

The contractor is reluctant to start the project late in the year. This project has been delayed until spring of 2022. We will start the necessary planning in early spring 2022. We couldn't afford the risk of an early turn in the weather half way into the project.

Control Tower construction underway!

The site work is suspended for the winter. The new access road and auto parking lots will be paved in the spring. The stone base and drainage have all been placed.

The tower cab glass has been installed, and we are waiting on the cab raising date. The interior building construction will be completed through the winter. The tower radios are still in the process. The FAA is still organizing airspace requirements.

A rough date is "planned," commissioning in May of 2022. The FAA acceptance process will determine the official opening date.

Check out the Control Tower Construction page for live images and updates


FICON REPORTS - The Airport will not provide MU readings directly to pilots. This is according to FAA AC 150/5200-30D. We don't agree with it, but have to live by it.

Are you interested in Automatic Check Payment?
We can now coordinate and accept an auto deduct from your checking for your storage fee. For more details contact 815 838 9497 extension 121.