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Control Tower

Possible opening in October/November in “Advisory Capacity”

There is a strong possibility that the controllers will be on site prior to all the NOTAM’s making their cyle. They may start out in an “advisory capacity”. We will post a Notam that the tower is in operation. They will monitor 122.8 then ask you to switch over to tower frequency. A tower manager has been assigned to our airport; welcome Mr. Joe Merrigold, coming over from the Janesville tower. If you’re over at Janesville during the next couple of weeks, give him a shout!

The parking lot and road system paving is completed, landscaping is finally being finished.

The old AWOS has been removed and replaced with a new AWOS-3. The phone number has not changed from the old system, (815) 588-4802. The new frequency is 126.675.

FYI: KLOT Radio frequency assignments: Tower 134.80, Ground 120.425. ATIS/AWOS: 126.675

Aprons 200 & 300 Re-construction:
Work has started! Units 309-315 will be impacted first, and we will publish any changes.

Phase II Units 200-215 and 301-308. Aircraft owners will be contacted a week ahead of time. We will require your aircraft to be moved and your belongings moved off the inside of the hangar back in the tail section of the unit. The concrete will be repaired inside the unit. Phase I owners will be returned to their units with a 1” surface coarse bump. The 1” surface layer will be paved at the end of Phase II in front of all units.

Taxiway R, in the vicinity of the fuel island, will get some needed repairs. The far West 100LL self service fuel dispenser will be open, the pavement next to it will be resurfaced. There will be cones and tape to help guide. This project is anticipated to last 60 days.

August 24th work has started!

Check out the Control Tower Construction page for live images and updates

KLOT Control Tower Rendering 2021 from JRPD on Vimeo.

FICON REPORTS - The Airport will not provide MU readings directly to pilots. This is according to FAA AC 150/5200-30D. We don't agree with it, but have to live by it.

Are you interested in Automatic Check Payment?
We can now coordinate and accept an auto deduct from your checking for your storage fee. For more details contact 815 838 9497 extension 121.